The Perfect Double Leg

The first takedown most wrestlers learn is the double leg backheel. It’s an effective yet gross motor movement. Like most basic movements in grappling it’s effective even at the highest level of competition. This includes not only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but Judo (now illegal if a level change is involved I think), wrestling of course, and MMA – where it is highly effective. Continue reading

Berimbolo Problemas

As a previous wrestler, you like me, may have experienced some frustration with berimbolo specialists. The movement, initiated from de la Riva involves pushing your opponents bottom to the mat and inverting while holding onto their legs. This inversion and roll, if done correctly, usually results in a unique and highly effective back take. Continue reading

The Almighty Armdrag

The arm drag is one of the simplest and most effective techniques ever employed in grappling. It doesn’t take more than a few videos of watching Marcelo Garcia to realize this. Due to this, every great grappler wants to improve and enhance this technique. It only takes a few tournaments however to realize hitting one in a live competition is far more complicated. Continue reading