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Yeah I know the name is quirky but I couldn’t come up with a better alternative. I’m a father, a college professor, and a brown belt. My name is Aaron Kampe and I train at the Charlotte Jiu Jitsu Academy (CJJA). It’s run by a guy named John Piper – IBJJF Master’s Gi Brown Belt World Champ. This year he also got 2nd in the Black Belt Nogi Absolute division losing in a close match to Eduardo Telles.  CJJA is basically a bunch of tough old guys, many of which have previous grappling experience like wrestling 🙂

I started doing gymnastics when I was a little kid but transitioned to wrestling around 10 years old. I wrestled (somewhat decently) during most of my developmental life in the mountains of North Carolina. Won the junior high state championship as well conference and regionals in highschool. Growing up I took kenpo, muay thai, and krav maga. I was psyched when as an adult I finally found a sport that allowed me to use all my years of wrestling. Now I do – wrestlejitsu.


23 thoughts on “About wrestlejitsu

  1. Awesome page! As a wrestling family that has recently started training in bjj we truly respect and appreciate your work.

    • Thanks David! We’re just getting started. We’ll be featuring specific techniques soon and examining their effectiveness for BJJ. Next we’ve got another amazing wrestler turned BJJ player – Dean Lister. Working on the highlight now.

  2. Sounds great! I did not know that Dean Lister was a wrestler. Looking forward to the highlight video and article!

  3. hi ! i am a jiu jitsu player but i wanted to get into wrestling because i love how they takedown people so well…
    what wrestling moves are necessary to become good?

    • That’s a great question! Are we talking gi or no gi? It’s actually a very complicated question but avoid anything that involves leaving the head on the outside because of the danger of guillotines. Snatch singles are a good place to start. Russian ties are great for no gi. Highlight videos of these are coming up. In the gi avoiding grips is key to shooting and wrestling based takedowns and you’ll notice Justin Rader and AJ Agazarm shoot before making grips to avoid this problem.

      • Both. I train most Gi because the Jiu Jitsu school I go to is traditional brazillian guy.
        I live in southern california, its hard to find a good judo school. so i might actually go to high school wrestling practices..

        So far I learned.
        Inside tie –> double leg / single leg
        Arm drag –> to back / leg attack
        snap down –>
        front headlock snap down.
        Underhook and wrist control.
        Wizzer and wrist control.

        If I did Amateur boxing for 4 years and my stance is orthodox , but in wrestling i shoot with my right leg forward.
        Should I practice my wrestling with my left leg forward like my boxing stance?
        And Is it better to shoot without touching your knees on the ground? or shoot with your knee on the ground?

        Thank you so much… <– I want to learn the truth of wrestling T_T

  4. Regarding the best takedowns question. I would probably have to go with a blast double. That is a double with your head hurried into your opponents chest or solar plexus. If you watch American Olympic Gold medalist Jordan Burroughs you will see what I mean. JB hits a variety of takedowns because he is just awesome but it’s his double leg that is unstoppable. The double leg takedown and the spin behind are your highest percentage takedowns in the Olympics.

  5. The spin behind takes places mostly after two situations. One the opponent takes a bad shot with his head down and you sprawl and instantly spin behind him. Two you are hand fighting with your opponent and you snap him down while controlling him with a front headlock and you spin behind while hiding your head deep in his ribs to create more pressure on his head. Hope that helps.

  6. Finally! I’ve been looking for a site like this since I started BJJ. I’m in Portland,OR which has a great BJJ community but grew up wrestling in PIttsburgh, PA and wrestled D3 in upstate NY. After almost 10 years off the mat I picked up BJJ about 10 months ago and got my blue belt recently. My top game and takedowns are developing nicely but what I’m starting to explore is how best to adapt my wrestling to my guard game. What’s interesting, but not really suprising, after watching these videos is seeing, with the exception of Lister, that most of these high level wrestlers turned submission grapplers primarly sweep from their guard and then play their dominant top game.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    • Awesome Dave! Glad you found us! You’re totally right about finding secure positions to initiate scrambles from. I just released a video called Study on Stature on youtube. Check it out! Haven’t written the accompanying blog post yet but it’s coming soon. After worlds perhaps….

  7. I was looking for articles on wrestlers that transitioned to BJJ when I came across this site. I have a local friend who wrestled D2 (way back) and is currently a brown belt and has won gold at the Pan’s and Senior Worlds at white, blue, purple, and brown. I want to help recruit more people with wresting background to the gym I train at. I’ve watched wrestlers excel in this sport after their wrestling careers were over. It’s a great way for someone to stay active on the mat. Awesome job on this site; thanks for the efforts and output.

    • That’s awesome Anthony! It’s always good to hear when other wrestlers find us. Hopefully as we grow and some of us compete we can begin to assert ourselves not only as previous wrestlers, but also proficient BJJ players as well!

  8. God I love this place. I’ve never wrestled a day in my life but every time I grapple with a new person or compete, they ask me if I’m a wrestler. At this point in my career I consider myself a submission wrestler as I’ve out wrestled Army Wrestling Champions in the past. I’m so glad to finally have a place that is full of people I idolize! How can I support you guys? Do you have patches to put on my Gi or can you send me a graphic via e-mail that I can put on a custom Rashguard before Gracie Worlds?

    • Thanks a ton Josh! We’re actually in the process of building a store right now as wrestlejitsu continues to blow up! Have you subscribed to the YT channel? There are usually new videos on the channel before we get a chance to write the detailed posts on the blog. We’d be glad to send you the vector file of the logo for your rash guard. Just be sure to send us pics! Patches to come in the future. We’ll be sure to let you know. Do you want the file sent to your yahoo email? Glad we have your support: The mentality of a wrestler is the only thing that makes him one 🙂

  9. You do a great job of critiquing the holes in BJJ while pushing the much-needed mentality and moves list that wrestling brings to the table. I’ve long pushed my own students at Hydra Grappling in St. Louis to learn as much wrestling as possible while learning dynamic guard positions that could be applied to MMA. I prefer understanding how to be an athlete, get a submission quickly, or improve the position.

    So much of modern BJJ has become about pulling guard, when the takedown TO the guard pass is what really should be determining the next phase of the fight. I’m tired of watching the Mendes Brothers, their talent be damned.

    Sport BJJ has more in common with Parkour than combat martial arts at this point.

    Thank you for opening eyes. Hopefully our sport will look very different in ten years, especially with Lovato, Rader, Kron, and Jacare leaving the IBJJF for MMA.

    • Thanks a ton Jason! We’re in the process of upgrading to a full platform. We’ll continue to supply you with ideas as you continue to prioritize the most effective techniques in grappling at your school.

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